shod - wearing shoes.

i believe every shoe tells a story... about style, time and the journey.

A Bombay Minute: shoes & the city


A small piece of Mumbai that I’ve recently stumbled upon while working on the next edition of SPADE, volume 4 : of architecture and opium ( ) is bespoke accessories design firm, aka. Our intention was to understand the firms design pedagogy behind their fanciful…

Challenge. Persistence. Change

A year older, a little wiser, and getting closer to realizing a destiny.

Thank you for making the trials worthwhile and the efforts rewarding.

a new believing…

I’ve been gone too long… kept wanting to find something inspiring enough to express but sometimes the time wasn’t right and sometimes the words weren’t.

The last few months have been about challenges, persistence, change and essentially following love that inspires. So what better way to resume telling stories than the one that fills in the blanks that got left behind while I was finding my story.

At a.k.a. we try and encapsulate each year into what we call our anniversary shoe and bag. It is our way of celebrating the trials and triumphs while setting new hopes and dreams afloat. 

2012 was the ever changing puzzle like a Rubik’s cube.

Absolving customs, the world and it’s reasons
Repairing definitions, the universe has seasons

Seeking my destiny within us three
Trusting our fate to set me free

Every new step, a Challenge unfolds
Keep moving on, Persistent in your soul

Change got us this to this paradise
This sunshine has to change for a new sunrise

Ive bruised, broke and beautifully healing
More grateful for a new believing!

the making of the a.k.a. postcard 2012. 

by the by…


These are my Friend Leon’s sneakers. There is nothing unusual about them at first glance but still something unique, and when you look closely you appreciate the skewed details between the red and grey. 


Sometime you just know at first glance that there is something interesting about the picture, the details present themselves by the by…

a smile without a name…


Aren’t his moulded rubber mojris super cool? Effortlessly modern and what a sporty touch to the ethnic. 

This man sits under JJ bridge, close to Bhendi Bazaar, and lives off the alms he receives. He walks with a limp and he got these shoes for himself from his village because they are soft and flexible enough to help him move.


What was more striking to me than his shoes was his smile - uncompromising and heartening.

how they came to be…

     making of our latest collection…



Crafted with love, decorated with glamour and refined with precision … to create design that affords freedom of style with comfort





Big thanks to the wonderful team… Photographer -Harshad Sutar and model- Richaa Agarwal, who made these pieces come alive and helped us capture their essence beautifully.

You can find this collection at Bungalow 8 in Colaba, Mumbai.


Our new collection for 'Bungalow8' started with a simple kolhapuri chappal. The idea was to take a basic Indian shoe and create its evolved, global version. We began looking at many such everyday, traditional show types and imagining their contemporary avatars…


The collection is a beautiful amalgamation of the sensibilities that Bungalow 8 and a.k.a.bespoke share …  hand crafted pieces with time honoured skill, designed for the global sartorial citizen.

Have a look …

PS: ‘koi’ means ‘any’ in Hindi… i realized that everything and ‘any’thing is a thing of beauty when you reach and touch its soul